This is a blog dedicated to help us all out there in notepad world learn the ins and outs of not only the iPad, but all major pad software. However, as you will notice this blog/website is very down to earth and not appearing to be very tech savvy. That is so we can all enjoy things slowed down a bit and truly enjoy the finer things in life. This also does not mean I do not know my stuff within the technology world. However, I am also aware I do not know everything so I will rely on public comments and other sources to keep us all informed. So please do not be shy as I welcome any and all opinions, suggestions and concepts.

I also wanted to mention that although this website is named ipadmanager.org, we are not only limited to iPads. I hope to discuss many topics related to technology and society as a whole. For now I will excuse myself hoping you now know more about this blog page. If you have any further questions please contact me at: infoipagmanager@gmail.com.