iPad Pro

Have you heard about the latest iPad?  Does the cost of Apple products turn you off?  For the 32 GB iPad Pro you will spend over $1,000 with accessories.  This includes the iPad Pro, the pencil and the keyboard.  I have heard that Apple does allow financing on an eighteen month loan or you could always just put it on your credit card.  Either option would work and pretty much be the same deal, depending on the interest on the financing or credit card.  I have never been one to want to pay month to month on a phone, let alone an iPad but a lot of people do it these days, including my wife and I.

Did you know that Apple allows you spread the payments over two years?  Doing this, they will be able to sell more Apple products.  With there upgrade program, which is a lot like their iPhone program, you have to get the whole package:  the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.  Apple wants to ensure that you have the best of the best and just like their iPhone program they would include Apple Care.  It would cost about $55 a month which would bring it to about $1,300.  Apple will have an easier time selling the iPad Pro with the warranty and accessories.

Are you interested in the iPad Pro?  Do you already own an iPad?  I already own an iPad, I think it’s the iPad 2 (if that tells you one thing…it’s how much my wife and I don’t spend on the latest and greatest technology).  I don’t have a need for an iPad Pro right now.  Who’s to say that I won’t change my mind, but for now, my wife and I have Macs and iPhones.  We love apple products but have never been the type of people to line up the day of the release, paying top dollar for brand spanking new Apple products.