IPAD Accessories…

I was recently asked If I wanted to buy an iPad accessory for the mini van as far as a mount so the kids can watch from the back of the from driver passenger seat? I was confused with eh question as I had always thought that this was reserved for portable tv’s and dvd players. I had no idea this accessory was even available.

This question got me to thinking if there are many more iPad accessories out there that I or the majority of consumers are unaware of? I was able to see that a new completely versatile case has recently come out for iPad and other tablets. Their claim is that you can place the tablet in any position with their revolutionary case. It got me to wondering if this is something I need or just want.

I mean just because something can do something for us…does it necessarily make life better? What would I do with a a versatile viewing angle on my iPad anyways? I really only use or need to use landscape or upright mode. Am I missing something here? Is their truly another viewing angle out there that needs to be known or better appreciated?

I am not coming down on all of these different accessories, just a little confused is all. I am all for free enterprise, but think that practicality and functionality are equally important. So if you have any further comment or questions to add, please feel free to do so! I am especially interested on this topic. More in particular with multiple viewing angles for your iPad or tablet. I

I am truly struggling with this and would like to hear from my reading audience their thoughts. Also, I am curious what other obscure inventions for the iPad are out there? Looking forward to read all of your comments. Have a wonderful day!