Did you know?

If you know how to set the right settings on your iPad there are many components and capabilities you may not be aware of or know about.  There is a an apple feature called iTeleport which allows you to access your computer at home from where ever you are on your iPad.  You can play music on your computer, email files to yourself or even start and stop downloads.

Did you know you can wake up your computer by having a router to your computer pushed to wake it up?  Another feature is called the four finger swipe which allows you to switch between your applications.  There is also something called the four finger pinch.  It will instantly return you back to your home screen.  In fact, it seems as if the iPad is more receptive to this than just pushing the home button.

If you swipe your four fingers up it gives you faster accessibility to the multitasking bar than tapping the home button twice.  Did you know your iPad can be used as a phone?  You have the ability to set up conference calls with this feature.  Also, your iPad can act as a remote.  You can control your music or video as long as everything is on the same WiFi network with Apple’s Remote app which is actually free.

You can also change the setting to private browsing when surfing Safari under the privacy setting.  This will allow your activity to be off the grid and not traceable.  A feature that seems annoying to me because I’m so used to having the entire keyboard at my disposal, but you may prefer to split your keyboard in half.  All you have to do is tap and hold the keyboard button and then select the split option from the pop up menu.  You can also place the characters on the opposite side in case you prefer to use the opposing hand if you like the split keyboard feature.

If you would rather watch a video on a larger screen than your iPad you have the ability to send the video content to a television with Apple’s digital AV adapter or you can use AirPlay if you own an Apple TV.  This next and last feature which I actually knew about is double tapping the space bar to insert a period.  This allows you to make your typing easier.