So iPads are cool, right?  My kids would love to be able to each have their own iPads.  They would love to be able to sit down with an iPad and play games on it forever!  My wife and I don’t let our kids touch our iPhones.  Well, I shouldn’t say that, once in a great while my wife lets our kids hold her iPhone for FaceTime or she will let our oldest play a game on it while at the dentist while waiting to be taken back.

My wife and I have actually been talking about getting our oldest an iPod of sorts to listen to music, play games on, take pictures with, do FaceTime and possibly text.  She been asking for a phone. She has both of our cell phone numbers memorized and loves to call when she’s hanging out at Nana and Papa’s house.  She’ll ask, “guess who called you?”  She hangs up so proud that she was grown up enough to be able to dial our numbers and call us.  Should we get her a phone?  I think she is too young for a phone personally.  But, maybe she can handle an iPod that does a few things.  Or maybe she’s too young to expose to the world of technology.  We really don’t want our seven year old only focusing on  and spending all of her time on her iPod, if we get her one.  But maybe, just maybe we could use it as an incentive or reward program for after she finishes her homework each day.

I’m sure she would absolutely love her own iPod.  But is she too young for it?  How old were your kids when you got them their first Apple product?  My niece got a phone from her father when she was super young and I always thought she was too young.  You see my niece’s parents had divorced years ago and her father wanted a way to communicate with her.  I see the importance of communicating but why couldn’t she just use her mother’s phone?

Anyway, enough of my soap box.  How do you feel about your children having so many opportunities to have technology in their lives.  I grew up without a phone or an iPod and I turned out just fine.  I think it’s good for our kids to get outside and play and be kids.  So we are left with the decision, do we or do we not get our oldest and Apple iPod?