Children and iPads…they don’t really mix or do they?

Wow! I have been super busy. I deeply apologize not blogging here more often. I have been super busy doing a lot of different things. Mainly with the children  as I am sure you are aware that the school year has started back up. My youngest child is only a two-year old and demands a lot of time and attention as I am sure you are aware with as well with all other two-year olds.

Well, she recently inspired me to write this particular blog due to her borderline obsession or dare I say addiction to the iPad? She is able to sit calmly and patiently and navigate her own way through it at a pretty good rate. She prefers to do this with her father close by her side. One part of me really loves this desire for clones but the other part of me is concerned. Concerned that she is being modeled workaholic behaviors at a very young age. Which consequently means that daddy needs to take a cold hard look at himself and his personal patterns, but that is another story since I am saved by the title of this blog and I am not a child (even though I act like one most of the time).

The other concern I have for my daughter is that she may be developing an addiction that is unhealthy for her natural progression. I am not saying I know this is true, this is more of a thought process and question I am opening up to my audience. So what do you think? She is only two and loves to spend countless hours on the iPad and will cry when it is taken away from her if she is on it too long. At the same time my wife and I are very careful as to what apps she has access to and in fact is usually playing games that are educational in nature.

As you can see, this is a confusing riddle regarding if this is harmful or not for her. She still spends a good amount of time on both playing outdoors as well as reading books. But again, here I am confused again as she has access to some great books for her where the iPad can read it to her and help teach her how to read. I really am constricted here as I never had this level of such awesome technology growing up. Playing outside until the sun went down and then some was a requisite to being a child back in my day.

As I am writing this I realized that I will never truly know what is the best course of action other than to continue moderating and to see the outcome in real-time as it is happening. When I think about it, she cries just as much about having to stop watching television, or from playing outside as when the iPad is taken away from her. In closing, unfortunately I do not believe this particular quandary will ever be resolved. However, I would absolutely love to here back from you all. Please leave a comment and keep us all informed on the potentiality of childhood technology addiction syndrome (CTAS). I just made that up…do you like it? Until then, have a wonderful weekend!